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why Detailing Mafia

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Your happiness is our first priority and we’re committed to it

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We’re the most reliable car detailing company in the industry

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A fast and all-inclusive service so that your car takes on the road in best shape

opti coat delhi

State-of-the-art equipment and technology so that you have an ultra-clean car

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A fully trained team that uses the best of its skills to serve you the best

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We believe in transparency so that you always know what’s going on

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Environment & Us- The Best Pals

We love our environment and take care of it by using Eco Friendly Chemicals & Steam Wash

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Your car deserves to look brand new again!
The roads and the weather are rough on your car and we know that. Overtime the surface of your car wears out leaving it looking dull and old. Professional cleaning and detailing can keep your car in excellent condition and rule the roads.

Detailing Mafia is a professional cleaning and car detailing company that is on an unstoppable mission to revamp the look of cars and retain their brand new shine. With its one-of-a-kind services and expertise, The Detailing Mafia is all set to revolutionise the carwash and detailing industry. Detailing is an art that demands the right blend of precision and skill.

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Opti Coat (Paint Protection)

It is a superior clear coat film. It will provide you, the best possible protection for years to come. It is the most advanced paint protection on the market with superior scratch resistance, Chemical resistance and also reduces the chance of wash marring/swirl marks.

Opti-Coat (Opti-Guard) is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti Coat is not only one single product, but represents a whole range of specialized coatings for every corner of your car!

Opti-Coat is not a wax or sealant like other products on the market. It is a ceramic clear coating very similar to factory type clear coats. A layer of Opti-Coat measures approx. 2 microns in thickness, or about 100 times thicker than your typical wax or sealant. Unlike paint protection sealants such as PTFE, Nano Sealants, and Glass Plexin that degrade over time and are easily removed through washing with water or chemicals, Opti-Coat does not degrade and cannot be removed by chemicals such as heavy duty truck wash or even caustic degreasers. Some of the other coatings are Ceramic Pro, Opti-Coat and Wax.

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Car Coating

Car coatings are now new trend in Auto Detailing Industry, not just in India but across the world too. Car coating is also called as Opti Coat, Teflon Coatings, Ceramic coating , Glass Coating, Quartz Coating and Nano Coating. Surface preparation is very important in coating and directly impact the durability of the car coating.

Steam Car Wash

Steam cleaning can be considered as one of the eco friendly ways of washing a car. The Detailing Mafia Steam car cleaner uses very little water to clean a car however it has to be used very carefully so as not to damage the car paint or parts of the car. The Vacuum of the Eco Friendly car wash steam cleaner makes it very easy to clean the upholstery of the car without wetting the seats. The vacuum helps remove any condensed steam from the seat which just a steam cleaner available in the market cannot do.

The Detailing Mafia Steam cleaners Eco friendly steam car wash machine can be used for cleaning :

  • Car interior
  • Car Exterior
  • Engine compartment
  • Tyres / Brake Dust
  • Fuel Area
Franchise Business

If you dream to own a business, then "The Detailing Mafia" Car Detailing Franchise is the best manner of achieving it. One of the biggest benefits of taking a franchise is like using a Toll on expressway rather than chancing a less direct, frequently winding and to the travel unfamiliar with the territory. Hurry!

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All Day 11am to 9pm

Your car deserves to look brand new again!
The roads and the weather are rough on your car and we know that. Overtime the surface of your car wears out leaving it looking dull and old. Professional cleaning and detailing..

car dry cleaning delhi
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