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Paint Protection film

The Ultimate™ Protection from stone chips and impacts!

Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a 0.2mm, optically clear film digitally cut to custom fit your car and then professionally applied to protect your painted surface from daily hazards such as stone chips, tree branches and sharp objects. It works in complete synergy with Opti-Coat professional coatings and products.

Opti-Coat PPF Software

To create a perfect fit for your vehicle, we use Opti-Coat PPF software. This allows authorised dealers to download patterns of specific vehicle makes and models directly to a plotter for precision cutting of the Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film.

Professional Quality & Installation

Our Opti-Coat dealers are experienced professionals using the ultimate in paint protection film. Their installation expertise, combined with the Opti-Coat PPF software, ensure form-fitted perfection guaranteed against defects such as delamination, cracking and yellowing for up to 10 years.

Witness Perfection from Starting to End during Application of Car Paint Protection Film

The Detailing Mafia can keep the new shine of your car intact with their first-class service and products. They offer a variety of detailing services to their clients depending upon their requirements. They even offer lucrative discounts to their loyal clients as a sign of gratitude. Every detailer associated with Detailing Mafia receives practical and theoretical training before joining this detailing center to guarantee the safety of every automobile. Your valuable car as is invaluable to them and they bring the best paint protection film for her.

Measured Cut

The professionals of Detailing Mafia use Opti-Coat paint protection film which brings the goodness of ceramic. These professionals leave nothing to chance. They cut the PPF film in multiple segments depending upon the length and breadth of the different parts of your automobile. The Opti-Coat PPF comes with exclusive PPF software program. The auto-detailers use this program to ensure every segment of an automobile receives the premium protection of Opti-Coat without any creases which may deface your car’s lovely appearance.

Exclusive Prepping

The preparatory work is as important as the application of a PPF, as the perfection of the finish depends upon it. It is vital to remove all the swirl marks, scratches or etch marks before placing a PPF. The auto-detailers thoroughly wash every inch of a car’s exterior surface using pressurized jets of foam and water to remove all the pollutants. They use the air-drying mechanism and a microfiber cloth to remove all the moisture before using a polisher. They use a rotary polisher and a rubbing compound to remove the scratches, swirls or etch-marks. Every car goes through the process of cleaning and rubbing before receiving the protection of Opti-Coat PPF to ensure a lasting performance and a flawless appearance.

Patient Application

The application of PPF is a time-consuming task, as it requires extreme precision and attentiveness. A slight mistake may result in flawed application. The experts of Detailing Mafia are aware of this fact. They never take shortcuts when placing a paint protection film on a car’s surface. They adjust every inch of this film after laying it on the surface to ensure no creasing. They use a sponge to make the adjustments in measured strokes. They double-check all the edges and all the grooves, as it is hard to notice creases in these areas until it is late. They never let their attention scatter during the entire process of application. You can expect nothing short of perfection from the experts of Detailing Mafia.

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