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Get the Best ceramic coating in India - The Detailing Mafia

A growing interest in advanced ceramic materials has emerged in the new century. Their importance is a significant reason for their excellent thermal and electrical properties.... Read More

September 09, 2022

Common Ceramic Coating Myths - The Detailing Mafia

Ceramic coating provides you with the best protection, that's for sure! But, the rising popularity comes with increasing misconceptions and myths.... Read More

July 05, 2022

Tips For an Effective Car Interior Cleaning

With getting our car detailed and cleaned from outside, we think that we have reached the acme of car cleaning. But that’s not the truth. In reality, it is our car’s interior that needs more attention, as it’s the place where we sit, drive, and breathe.You may not believe it but, a car’s interior encompasses a lot more germs... Read More

September 17, 2021

Things to Consider for Opening a Car Detailing Studio

Tony Robbins has rightly said, “Passion is the genesis of genius”. Being passionate is what it takes to uncover greater things that lead to greater heights. In terms of career choices, very few of us tend to move in the direction of what our passion says, but it is worth taking the risk.Following the ultimate voice of passion... Read More

September 17, 2021

How to Choose the Best Car Detailing Services For Your Car?

Driving our beloved car every day causes various effects on its paint body and the original shine of the car tends to fade away. And driving an odd-looking car doesn’t feel great. The dull condition the vehicle signals towards its detailing, means it’s high time... Read More

September 17, 2021

How to Find the Best Car Detailing Franchise to Kick
Start Your Business?

The car detailing business is running at the pace of a successful business option, to begin with. With the market flooded with numerous car detailers, the choice of whom to go with becomes further complex. Of course, you want someone to trust regarding the detailing business and want opportunities that... Read More

September 17, 2021

Why it is Necessary to Have Ceramic Coating for Cars?

When we think about car protection, ceramic coating is something that strikes our mind at first. No doubt a car ceramic coating has its reasons to go for, still, many of us are skeptical about having it over our vehicle. However, the truth is car protection cannot do away without a good quality ceramic... Read More

September 17, 2021

Where to Get the Best Steam Car Wash Near Me

Steam car wash is becoming the new normal due to the COVID crisis the world encountered. Concerning our homes and offices, the cars we drive need special hygienic attention. However, we tend to pay a little less attention to the latter. But moreover, it is very much crucial to sanitize and thoroughly clean our... Read More

September 17, 2021

Car Paint Protection Film: A Complete Protection for Your Car

Car care has never been easy, especially when you are bounded by a hectic schedule. With time limitations and other restraints, taking the desired care of your prized possession becomes further tedious. However, to bring a solution to this problem, innumerable methods have been sought by the automotive detailing industry... Read More

September 17, 2021

Ceramic Coating: Which One Is Best For Your Car

Car care nowadays has become the greatest challenge among car owners. With the limitation of time and space, this problem has become further complex. In terms of surface protection, ceramic coating for cars is something you can rely upon. It not only provides protection, but it further enhances the shine of your beloved car... Read More

September 17, 2021


Pearl pigments are coated metallic platelets which provide both colour and exciting visual effects to various kinds of coatings. They are very fine organic and inorganic pigments and can be used in any sort of medium. They can be used as dry as long as they are glazed or cleared over. Pearl pigments are non-toxic in... Read More

September 09, 2021