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admin - September 09, 2021 - 0 Comments

The UltrashieldX glass film comes in two variants, one is the Nano-Ceramic Tint and the other is Chameleon Automotive Window Film. Although it has various uses, but majorly the tinted glass film is used on vehicles for blocking the sunlight from entering the cabin.

Nano-ceramic tint has tiny ceramic materials which are designed with spectral technology. It creates a shield over the glass and collects larger amounts of rays and heat whilst stopping them from entering the windows. This ceramic tint is resistant to salt-content environments and provides natural tone with low reflectivity. It has superb durability with scratch resistant hard coats.

Chameleon automotive film is designed for the usage on the inside surface of automotives. This glass film can reach dynamic effects like colour shift when viewed from different angles. It has a metal-free design with no electronic interference. This window film is really helpful to escape from direct sunlight, it imbibes good heat rejection capabilities and provides up to 99+% UV protection. In addition to all this, the chameleon automotive film provides for easy installation.

The latest edition to this series of glass films is the Dichroic Glass Film which is imbibed with colour-shifting effect. It is a high-end decorative glass film that can be used on various surfaces for various purposes. This glass film can be used on all types of architectural glasses. One of the key features of this glass film is that it is manufactured with multi-layer optical film technology which displays colour shifts when the glass is viewed from different angles. This glass film by ultrashieldX is a hard core layer that is scratch proof in nature and allows easy maintenance.

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