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admin - September 09, 2021 - 0 Comments

The UlrtrashieldX Windshield Protection Film enhances the strength of your car, and guards it against cracks, flying stone chips and other inevitable hazards that you may encounter on road. It is a highly functional window film specially manufactured on optical design technology and advanced coating technology.

Windshield protection film is applied to the outside of the vehicle’s windshield to provide safe driving against the impact of various external road hazards. It also prevents the scattering of glass fragments when the windshield is damaged due to strong impact. It further minimizes the secondary damage of the passengers.

This film leads industry standards with advanced hydrophobic, anti-fouling and scratch-resistance performance. It comes with excellent durability against cracking and peeling off the hard coating layer during windshield wipers. With its superb hydrophobic properties it provides optically-clear visibility to the driver in rain or snow.

Windshield protection is very important as your car’s windshield acts as the second line of defense during front-end collisions. Limitations on visibility, functionality and performance of existing windshield protection products are solved through UltrashieldX’s advanced resin formulation technology and hard coating technology to bring the evolution of windshield film.

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