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Steam car wash is becoming the new normal due to the COVID crisis the world encountered. Concerning our homes and offices, the cars we drive need special hygienic attention. However, we tend to pay a little less attention to the latter. But moreover, it is very much crucial to sanitize and thoroughly clean our vehicles as they constitute a part of our everyday lives.


Car steam wash has its mark in the automotive detailing industry. And this method had received immense admiration among car enthusiasts. Talking specifically into the current scenario, according to a document released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 virus can be destroyed with dry steam at 80 degrees Celsius. This further makes steam car wash a relevant method of car cleaning nowadays.


What is a Steam Car Wash?


In terms of car cleaning, a car steam wash is one of the most effective and eco-friendly methods. As we all know that steam is know for its disinfectant and serializing properties, it cleans all the mud, dirt, grime, dust stubborn mud, microorganisms, and any other contaminants. 


Steam wash does not limit itself to car cleaning only, in addition to this it also deodorizes your car, removing all the foulest smells and odors. This car cleaning method has driven a lot of attention among car detailers and it is safe on the car’s surface if used correctly. 


Let’s Evaluate the Benefits of Car Steam Wash


Steam wash differs from all other traditional car washing techniques. Read further to know why - 

  1. Ecologically Sound

Steam car wash includes less water consumption and lesser usage of electricity, thus, it saves both water and electricity. It further prevents wastewater runoff. It is saving both our limited resources and this property of steam wash makes it eco-friendly in nature. 

  1. Less Time Consuming

For a car steam wash, it hardly takes 10-15 minutes to clean the entire car, both interior and exterior. Though the cleaning process varies according to the vehicle type, small, SUV, or high-end SUV. it also depends on the car’s interior space. However, as compared to other conventional methods, it is not that much time-consuming. 

  1. Its Scratch Proof

Due to the usage of brush or cloth, there are chances of getting minor scratches in the interior car cleaning. On the other hand, steam car wash takes care of the blemishes and scratches as there is no surface contact. Steam is generated in gas form and gas won’t have a chance of leaving a scratch on your car. 

  1. A Disinfectant

Steam is considered to be a natural disinfectant, because of which it prevents the penetration of any germs, viruses, or microorganisms. The bacterial and germs can very easily creep inside your car, into the dashboard and upholstery. Therefore it is essential to disinfect your car. Steam wash sterilizes your car effectively and leaves no space for viruses to get in. 

  1. Less Maintenance Required

Minimal maintenance is required if you get your car steam wash done. The steam machine has a heater in it, which keeps the temperature and weight levels of your car neutral throughout the cleaning process. 

  1. Cleans the Hard to Reach Areas

The steam washer machine has a nozzle from which the steam comes out, and effectively reaches those areas that are non-accessible with a cloth or a brush. It reaches the hard-to-reach areas like vents, footwell, and small spaces between the dashboard buttons. It removes all the dirt and grime from your car.


Summing Up


To sum up, it can be said that steam car wash does not mess up with your car’s paintwork, rather it protects the paint body. It delivers high-quality cleaning that lasts longer than the conventional car cleaning methods. With steam wash, you get a clean and shiny car without causing much damage to the environment. 

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