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UltrashieldX Paint Protection Film: Just like you, your vehicle deserves to stay young !

Every car enthusiast wants their vehicle to be as good as new. It’s a dream that looks nearly impossible. Isn’t it? But making the impossible possible is what we are passionate about.

Leave all worries and secure your dream with UltrashieldX Paint Protection Film. This fairly invisible film safeguards your vehicle from environmental and mechanical wear and tear, prevents your car from ageing and gives an aesthetically superior outlook. Without compromising on your vehicle’s colour, or altering any stock parts UltrashieldX is dedicated towards offering your car the best of protection strategies. We promise the Ultimate paint protection for your car.This Paint Protection Film gives an everlasting shine and a majestic aura to your car.


After having invested a sizable part of one’s savings, nobody prefers even a small scratch on their dream car. Cars are often susceptible to damages due to multitudes of factors and we feel that a protection strategy needs to be put in place. Even though the film itself bears the brunt of scratches, its self-healing mechanism slowly makes each scratch fade away. Clear and complete protection against.

Clear and complete protection against

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Various life scratches

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Stone Chips

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Snow-removing sand & calcium chloride

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Paint scuff

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Door dings

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Painted Surface discoloration

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Surface damage by various impacts

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Bug acid & bird droppings

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All sorts of water/oil stains & contaminations

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Unique Design

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Product Description Yellowing Self-Healing Gloss Water Repellent Application
Bronze Brush 20o Gloss Water Contract Angle
PPF-TPH Clear-Standard Hydrophobic Excellent 20-30 MIN 80 GU over 70+10o Full Body
PPF-TPU Clear-Self healing Hydrophobic Excellent 10-20 MIN 80 GU over 90+5o Full Body
PPF-TPH Matte Matte(Non-Gloss) Excellent Non-Scratch 10 GU over 70+10o Full Body
PPF-TPU Matte Matte(Non-Gloss) Excellent Non-Scratch 10 GU over 90+5o Full Body
PPF-Pearl Matte Matte(Blue/Red) Excellent Non-Scratch 10 GU over 90+5o Full Body
PPF-BLACK TPH Black Hydrophobic Excellent 20-30 MIN 80 GU over 70+10o Full Body(Exclusively:Roof-Top))
PPF-BLACK TPU Black Hydrophobic Excellent 10-20 MIN 80 GU over 90+5o Full Body(Exclusively:Roof-Top))
PPF-Carbon Fiber/td> Carbon Fiber Hydrophobic Excellent 10-20 MIN 80 GU over 90+5o Full Body
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No matter how strong your car is, it has a number of delicate parts that need protection.
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Front Hood

Don't let the stones get the better of your car.

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Rocker Panels

Always beware of the stones and debris that bounce off your types.

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Mirror backs and bumpers

Steer clear of gravel bug acids and tar

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Door Handle

Your belt buckles, keys, rings and wallets may affect ypur car more than you think it would.

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Let us just say the problem caused by bird droppings will be a thing of the past.


Product Product details Package Rs/Sqft SUV SEDEN/MUV HATCHBACK
Full Car 700 250 220 190
Rs. 175000 154000 133000
Full Front Kit 700 100 90 80
Rs. 70000 63000 56000
Front Hood 700 30 25 20
Rs. 21000 17500 14000
Front & Rear Bumper 700 55 50 45
Rs. 38500 35000 31500
Full Car 400 250 220 190
Rs. 100000 88000 76000
Full Front Kit 400 100 90 80
Rs. 40000 36000 32000
Front Hood 400 30 25 20
Rs. 12000 10000 8000
Front & Rear Bumper 400 55 50 45
Rs. 22000 20000 18000
SCRATCH BLOCKER All Cars Rs. 5000 5000 5000
UltrashieldX PPF(PEARL MATTE) MATTE PEARL Full Car 750 250 220 190
Full Car Rs. 187500 165000 142500
UltrashieldX PPF(CARBON FIBER ) CARBON FIBER Full Car 800 250 220 190
Full Car Rs. 200000 176000 152000
*GST is extra
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Product Package Price
BIKE PPF (Gloss) Tank 10000
Full Bike 15000
BIKE PPF(Matte/Matte Pearl/ Carbon Fiber) Tank 13000
Full Bike 18000
*GST is extra
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