At The Detailing Mafia in Chennai ECR, we take great care of our customers when it comes to car detailing. Our team consists of well-trained professionals who provide excellent customer service. We want to give our customers an exceptional experience they've never had before. Our detailing studios all over India are dedicated to delivering high-quality work, living up to our motto, "Perfection is in the detail." Whether you need a basic car wash or want to protect your paint with a particular film, our team in Chennai ECR is always here to assist you.

Car Detailing Services in Chennai ECR


Paint Protection Film in Chennai, ECR

The modern-day automotive paint protection film by UltrashieldX is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film. PPF is applied on the top layer of the paint of the car and bikes. The paint protection film keeps the vehicle youthful as it has self-healing properties that effectively repel accidental chips, scratches, scratch-causing stains, rocks, sand, and similar other impacts.

Ceramic Coating in Chennai, ECR

Ceramic coating is like a super shield for your car. It's good at handling chemicals and blocking harmful UV rays to keep your car's paint looking fresh. Some people call it nano-coating or glass coating. It not only protects your vehicle but also makes it shine brilliantly.

Car/Bike Detailing in Chennai ECR

Professional detailing is like giving your car a unique makeover. It's not just a regular car wash; it's a detailed and precise cleaning process that brings your vehicle back to its original, like-new condition. It's all about making your car look its absolute best.

Ceramic Wash in Chennai ECR

Think of chemicals used in the ceramic wash, like a unique blend of siloxanes that sticks to your car's surface. This mixture does three things: it protects your vehicle, lets it bend without breaking, and makes it easy to clean. It also bonds with your car's paint and creates an extra layer that repels water.

Steam Wash in Chennai ECR

A steam car wash is a green and clean way to spruce up both the inside and outside of your car. It's an eco-friendly method that gets rid of foul odors, bacteria, and germs in your vehicle. This eco-conscious approach leaves your car looking and smelling fresh.

Maintenance Wash in Chennai ECR

A "maintenance car wash" is a common phrase in the world of car cleaning and care. There are different ways to do it, but generally, regular cleaning is seen as the wisest option. When you clean your car regularly, it can last longer, and it will always look fresh and well-kept.

Window Film in Chennai ECR

UltrashieldX is a unique window film that is like a shield that blocks 97% of harmful sun rays from getting back into your car. It's made by combining Nano-Ceramic materials with metal coatings, creating a robust new technology. When you put UltrashieldX on your windows, it won't get foggy, giving the driver a clear view.

Car Sanitization in Chennai ECR

Car sanitization is like a superhero rescue for your car! We use a particular gas called ozone (O3) to zap away bad smells, germs, and viruses that might be hanging around in your car. When this gas goes inside your vehicle, it makes the scent disappear and gets rid of all those pesky germs and viruses.  

Discover the Difference with The Detailing Mafia in Chennai ECR! Our Car Detailing Services are Your Ticket to an Immaculate and Dazzling Vehicle. Don't Miss Out – Secure Your Slot Now and Experience Automotive Excellence Like Never Before. From meticulous cleaning to paint perfection, we've got your car covered. 




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