At The Detailing Mafia in Chennai OMR, we're all about making our customers happy with top-notch car detailing services. Our team is made up of skilled professionals, and we take pride in providing excellent customer support. We're dedicated to living up to our motto, "Perfection is in the detail," and we believe in working smart and hard to serve you. Whether you need a basic car wash or want to protect your paint with a particular film, our team in Chennai OMR is here to assist you anytime you need us. 

Car Detailing Services in Chennai OMR


Paint Protection Film in Chennai OMR

UltrashieldX's cutting-edge automotive paint protection film is crafted from top-tier thermoplastic urethane. These protective films are carefully applied to the outer surface of cars and bikes. What sets it apart is its remarkable self-healing capabilities, effectively safeguarding your vehicle from accidental chips, scratches, stains that cause scratches, and even the impact of rocks, sand, and other similar hazards.  

Ceramic Coating in Chennai OMR

Think of ceramic coating as a super-protective shield for your car. It's good at keeping chemicals away and stopping the sun's rays from making your car's paint look old. Some folks call it nano-coating or glass coating. It not only guards your vehicle but also makes it shine even more than the car's body itself.

Car/Bike Detailing in Chennai OMR

Professional car detailing is like giving your vehicle a special spa day. It's not just a regular car wash; it's a precise and detailed cleaning process that brings your car back to its original, brand-new condition. It's all about giving your vehicle a complete makeover, making it look and feel fantastic!

Ceramic Wash in Chennai OMR

Imagine a unique blend of siloxanes that sticks to your car's surface like a protective shield while your vehicle is getting cleaned. This mixture does three essential things: it shields your vehicle, lets it flex without harm, and makes it super easy to clean.  

Steam Wash in Chennai OMR

A steam car wash is a green and clean way to clean up both the inside and outside of your car. It's an eco-friendly method that gets rid of foul odors, bacteria, and germs in your vehicle. This eco-conscious approach leaves your car looking and smelling fresh and clean!

Maintenance Wash in Chennai OMR

A "maintenance car wash" is a familiar phrase in the world of car care. There are different ways to do it, but usually, regular cleaning is seen as the wisest option. When you clean your car regularly, it can last longer, and it will always look fresh and well-kept like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Window Film in Chennai OMR

Window films are an excellent option to block up to 97% of harmful sun rays, so you don't have to worry about them getting back into your car. It's made by combining Nano-Ceramic materials with metal coatings, creating a new solid technology. When you put UltrashieldX on your windows, it won't get foggy, giving the driver a clear view without any hassle.

Car Sanitization in Chennai OMR

Car sanitization is like giving your car a special cleaning using ozone gas (O3). This gas helps to get rid of bad smells, germs, and viruses that might be in your car. When the gas goes inside the vehicle, it makes the scent disappear, and it also kills germs and viruses, leaving your car fresh and clean. 

Experience the Magic of The Detailing Mafia in Chennai OMR! Our Car Detailing Services are Your Ticket to a Show-Stopping Vehicle Makeover. From meticulous cleaning to paint perfection, we've got your car covered. Elevate Your Ride with The Detailing Mafia and let your vehicle turn heads on Chennai's streets.  



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