Revive the allure of your wheels with precision detailing at The Detailing Mafia on Ashiana Digha Road, Patna. Our meticulous craftsmanship and premium services ensure your car shines from every angle. From paint correction to interior rejuvenation, we lavish care on every inch, restoring its showroom glory. Trust our expert team to transform your ride into a head-turning masterpiece, exceeding expectations with every detail. Drive confidently knowing your vehicle has received the ultimate pampering it deserves. Elevate your car's appeal and schedule your appointment today with The Detailing Mafia.

Car Detailing Services in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Paint Protection Film in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

UltrashieldX brings you the latest in paint protection film in Pune, Maharashtra used at The Detailing Mafia. It's a top-notch layer made of tough thermoplastic urethane that goes on the surface of your car or bike's paint. It's like having armour for your vehicle, defending against chips, scratches, and other impacts. Plus, it even has self-healing powers, so minor scratches are no match for it.

Ceramic Coating in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Ceramic coating in Pune, Maharashtra is a must-have for your vehicle. This special coating is super tough against chemicals and blocks harmful UV rays, stopping paint from fading. Sometimes called nano-coatings, it acts like a shield, keeping your car safe and looking its best.

Denting Painting Services in Ashiana Digha Road Patna

At The Detailing Mafia on Ashiana Digha Road in Patna, we offer unparalleled car denting and painting services, ensuring your vehicle looks as pristine as the day you bought it. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technology to meticulously repair any dents, scratches, or damages, followed by a flawless paint job that matches your car’s original color perfectly. Trust us to revive your car’s splendour.


Car/Bike Detailing in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Car/bike detailing in Pune, Maharashtra is all about giving your vehicle a VIP treatment. It's like a spa day for your ride, where professionals work their magic to make it look brand new. Unlike a regular car wash, detailing is precise and thorough, involving meticulous cleaning and restoration. 

Car wash in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Our expert team offers a range of cleaning options, from steam washing to maintenance washing, catering to all your needs. With eco-friendly practices and attention to detail, we guarantee a sparkling clean car every time. Trust us for the best car wash experience in Pune!

Ceramic Wash in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

A blend of siloxanes sticks to your car's surface, offering shielding, flexibility (the ability to bend), and great sudsing and smoothness when washing. It bonds with your car's paint, creating an extra water-repelling shield. This innovative product is perfect for ceramic washes in Pune, Maharashtra.

Steam Wash in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Steam car wash is a green cleaning method that uses steam to tidy up both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It's an eco-friendly approach that effectively eliminates bad odors, bacteria, and germs from your car. For top-notch steam wash in Pune, Maharashtra, look no further than The Detailing Mafia!

Maintenance Wash in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

A maintenance car wash is a popular term in the detailing industry. While there are various methods to do it, regular cleaning is often seen as the top choice. This helps prolong your vehicle's lifespan and keeps it looking fresh and well-kept. 

Window Film in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Window films are proven to block out as much as 97% of infrared rays, so you can relax knowing harmful solar radiation won't penetrate your vehicle. UltrashieldX window films used at The Detailing Mafia offer a crystal-clear view for drivers, hardly affected by fogging when installed. For top-notch window film solutions in Pune, Maharashtra, look no further!

Car Sanitization in Ashiana Digha Road, Patna

Car sanitization in Pune, Maharashtra is achieved through ozone treatment, where ozone (O3) gas is used to eliminate odours, bacteria, and viruses inside the car. As the gas seeps into the car, it neutralizes odours and eradicates bacteria and viruses, ensuring a clean and hygienic interior.

Revamp your car's look and feel with premium detailing services at The Detailing Mafia on Ashiana Digha Road, Patna. From interior deep cleaning to exterior polishing, our experts ensure your ride shines like never before. Book your appointment now and let your car steal the spotlight on the streets of Patna!






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