Experience top-notch car detailing services at The Detailing Mafia Kochi. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to providing you with an unparalleled experience. We take pride in our dedication and smart work, which perfectly aligns with our motto, "Perfection is in the detail." Whether you need a basic car wash or want to install a Paint Protection Film, our Kochi team is here to assist you every step of the way. We believe in going above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied and receive the best service possible. Join us at our detailing studios across India, and discover the difference in our customer-centric approach.

Car Detailing Services in Kochi, Kerala 


Paint Protection Film in Kochi, Kerala 

UltrashieldX's new car and bike paint protector is made of a special strong plastic. It goes on the outside of your vehicle's paint, and it can be see-through or colored. This protector helps keep your car or bike looking new because it can fix itself and prevent damage from things like rocks and scratches.

Ceramic Coating in Kochi, Kerala 

Ceramic coatings are like super shields for your car. They can resist chemicals and stop the sun from ruining your paint. Some people call them nano-coatings or glass coatings. They make your vehicle look amazing while keeping it safe.

Car/Bike Detailing in Kochi, Kerala 

Professional car detailing is like giving your vehicle a special spa treatment. It's not just a regular car wash – it's a detailed and thorough process. Your vehicle gets a full makeover to make it look and feel like new again.

Ceramic Wash in Kochi, Kerala

It's like a magic blend of siloxanes that sticks to your car's surface. It's great because it keeps your car safe, makes it flexible, and helps it stay slippery when you're cleaning it. Plus, it becomes best buddies with your car's paint and adds an extra waterproof shield.

Steam Wash in Kochi, Kerala

Steam car washing is a green way to clean both the inside and outside of your vehicle. It's like giving your car a spa day with steam, and it's good for the environment. This process can kick out bad odours, bacteria, and germs from your car.

Maintenance Wash in Kochi, Kerala

When it comes to taking care of your car, "maintenance car wash" is a fancy term you might hear. It means keeping your vehicle clean and fresh. The best way to do this is by giving it regular washes. This not only makes your car look brand new but also helps it live a longer, healthier life.

Window Film in Kochi, Kerala

Window film can block almost 97% of the sun's harmful rays, so you won't have to fret about them getting inside your car. It's like mixing tiny ceramic particles with reflective coatings, making a whole new type of product that's super tough. When you put UltrashieldX on your windows, you can see clearly because it doesn't fog up much at all.

Car Sanitization in Kochi, Kerala

Car sanitization is like a magic trick using a special gas called ozone (O3). This gas goes inside your car and makes bad smells disappear. It's so powerful that it also gets rid of germs and viruses, keeping your car clean and safe.

Experience the ultimate transformation for your car in Kochi, Kerala! Discover the unbeatable car detailing services at The Detailing Mafia. Our expert team will make your car shine like new, inside and out. Don't miss out – schedule your appointment now and treat your car to the royal treatment it deserves!






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