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Common Ceramic Coating Myths - The Detailing Mafia

admin - July 05, 2022 - 0 Comments

Ceramic coating provides you with the best protection, that's for sure! But, the rising popularity comes with increasing misconceptions and myths. If you're here, you likely heard about ceramic coatings' magical properties. However, you might wonder whether they are true! You probably might be wondering, is ceramic car coating worth it? Or is this just some hyped-up product? Despite ceramic coatings' dazzling appearance, it is equally valid that there are a lot of myths surrounding the market which can mislead you and other car owners. So, It's time we clear the air and debunk some myths about ceramic coatings.

  What are Ceramic Coatings?
Using the best ceramic coatings will protect your car or bike from environmental debris and stains by bonding with the factory paint. It keeps your vehicles looking new and intact all the way through. Since these coatings are hydrophobic, cleaning becomes much more manageable. And guess what? In addition to protecting against UV radiation, oxidation, chemical stains, bird droppings, and water spots, the best ceramic coating provides scratch protection.
  Now that we have covered the brief introduction, we will now debunk some of their myths. Then, become an expert at making better decisions as a car owner without becoming a victim of hoaxes or cheap products!
#Myth 1: You do not have to wash your car 

This is probably the most common misunderstanding that ceramic coatings stop the requirement for car washes. Even though dust and debris easily fall from surfaces, the cars will undoubtedly need to be washed with high-quality soap and shampoo.

  Water slides off quickly from ceramic coatings, ensuring easy car maintenance; however, if you are a car enthusiast who wishes to retain the luster, be sure not to slack off!
#Myth 2: Your car won't get scratch-proof

You might believe ceramic coating will make your car 'Scratch Resistant' or 'Scratch Proof.' However, we explain here at Clean Getaway that a ceramic coating isn't bulletproof, as we've said before. The ceramic coating we use (or at least the one we use) can help prevent scratches, but there are numerous types. If you aren't exposed to direct sunlight, you may not see swirl marks, so you might think your paint looks perfect until you are in direct sunlight.
#Myth 3: The ceramic coating is permanent.
Nothing lasts forever. The ceramic coating will create a ‘permanent bond’ with the paint, but this does not mean it will last forever in a real-life situation. Ceramic coatings have a limited life expectancy, just like the paintwork under them. Eventually, ceramic coatings will wear out.
#Myth 4: They are Self-Healing.In addition to being capable of absorbing microscopic scratches, polymeric substances also possess the property of self-healing. The coatings in the ceramic market are typically 3 to 4 microns thick, with some ceramic coatings able to self-heal. Although self-healing only holds for 1 micron, which is not enough in India's environment.

Benefits of ceramic coating on cars
  • UV protection: UV rays are the paint's most harmful enemy. As the sun emits UV radiation, it warms your car's surface and damages the paint and clear coat underneath. A protective layer of ceramic coating will give you an additional layer of protection from UV rays.
  • Salt Damage: If you live near sea zone areas with a high amount of salt in the atmosphere. Ceramic coating will reduce salt damage. 
  • Scratch Resistance: A high-quality ceramic coating doesn't offer scratch resistance but offers some protection from minor dents and scratches. Ceramic coatings will allow you to buff out minor scratches more easily than without them.
  • Corrosion Resistance: A high-quality ceramic coating doesn't offer scratch resistance but offers some protection from minor dents and scratches. Ceramic coatings will allow you to buff out minor scratches more easily than without them.
  • Ulta-Hydrophobic: A ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which means it repels water easily. By doing so, streaks and water spots will be removed, but debris, bird droppings, and bug splatters can be easily removed. 

Wrapping up

The ceramic coatings on your car protect against scratches and abrasions and help make your car shine like new. Our team is optimistic that any doubts or confusion surrounding your mind have dissipated by now! Investing in ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment. Car surfaces benefit from ceramic coatings that offer good protection. In addition, ceramic coatings don't have any adverse effects on the paint. Furthermore, ceramic coatings are longer-lasting than regular paint. For an affordable paint protection coating, check out "The Detailing Mafia" ceramic coating price. They use the best brand solution for ceramic coating in the market.  


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