Ceramic Coating: Which One Is Best For Your Car

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Car care nowadays has become the greatest challenge among car owners. With the limitation of time and space, this problem has become further complex. In terms of surface protection, ceramic coating for cars is something you can rely upon. It not only provides protection, but it further enhances the shine of your beloved car. Though the market is flooded with various car ceramic coatings, ranging  from both price to quality, choosing the right  one for your vehicle is another hectic task. 

In this blog we have tried to do the  job for  you, here we present the best car ceramic coatings that work wonders for your car. Now you don't have to break your head over researching the perfect product for your car, just go through this blog to find the right one.

Let’s understand Car Ceramic Coating and How Does it Work?

Car ceramic coatings are not only limited to providing gloss to your car, but with a touch of gloss they give superior protection to the vehicle’s paint body. In simple terms, ceramic coating is a liquid polymer whose visibility is like a  clear coat. They offer a smoother surface and candy like gloss. 

Due to the presence of chemicals in the coating, it creates a layer of protection which can last longer. In a crux, we can say that car ceramic coating is semi-permanent if maintained properly. 

The Chief Benefits of Ceramic Coating are as follows - 

  • Hydrophobic in nature

  • Protection against UV rays

  • Protection against chemical stains

  • Provides a glossy finish

  • Easier to clean

Our two Prominent Players of Ceramic Coating

At The Detailing Mafia we endorse two best-in-class products that have mastered the art of providing ultimate protection with a glossy finish to your car. 

1.) Labocosmetica 

  • Ceramic coatings from Labocosmetica are a great combination of technology, innovation and tradition. This italian brand is pro at providing ceramic car coatings with self-curing technology and 3D Gloss effect. 

  • The coating from labocosmetica has improved cross  linking rigidity, thermal resistance, high protection and is resistant to abrasion. 

  • It is imbibed with self-curing technology up to  a short curing span of 30 minutes.

  • The 3pH wash system strengthens the protection on the vehicle’s surface with its specific pH.

  • This 3pH wash  helps in proper decontamination of your vehicle.

  • Labocosmetica coatings maintain the characteristics of previously applied nano ceramic protection.

The hydrophobic nature of the coating helps in preventing swirl marks and water patches.

2.) Opti-Coat: 

Another variant in terms of ceramic coatings is Opti-Coat, which has  been setting standards with unique ceramic coating technology that uses  Silicon Carbide (SiC) chemistry. The bond this coating provides is more inert and does not allow the chemicals to penetrate and harm the ceramic coated layer.

The amazing features of this coating includes-

  • 9H hardness

  • Easy cleaning effect

  • Mirror-shine finish

  • Anti-fouling effect 

  • Water-spot resistant

  • Unique silicon carbide strength

The single layer of this ceramic coating measures approx. ⅔ microns in thickness. Opti-Coat provides a semi-permanent coating with an amazing gloss level and tremendous durability.

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