Car Polish vs Car Wax: Read Major Difference

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You should regularly take your car for a regular paint checkup to increase its effectiveness. Car polishing and waxing are two popular methods to maintain your vehicle's appearance.

People often confuse car polishing with car waxing, but both differ significantly. 

In this blog, we will give a detailed explanation of car polish vs. car wax. Also, you will learn the benefits of each.


What is Car Polish & Wax?

To understand the difference between car polish vs wax it is very important to know the basics of both terms.

Car Polish: Car polishing is the method of removing minor damages on the clear coat. It will improve the gloss effect of the painted surface by reducing the impact of swirl marks, oxidation, hard water marks, and minor scratches. This process is performed manually using specially designed rotary machines. It also extends your vehicle’s life by removing minor damages that might become big over time. 

Car Wax: After polishing the car, you should follow up with car waxing. Once you've polished the surface and removed minor abrasions, you apply car wax to lock in the shine and effect of the polishing for 2 to 3 months. Car wax effectively repels water and prevents oxidation and UV damage from the sun. It usually takes several hours to dry and adhere to the surface.


Car Wax Vs Car Polish: Know the Benefits

Car Polish Benefits

  • Polishing will smoothen the surface by removing imperfections, scratches, and swirls on the paint.

  • Polishing the car will restore the vehicle's paint by brightening the paint.

  • After Car polishing, stubborn dirt and grime from the painted surface will be removed.

  • Car polishing will prepare the car for waxing.

  • Polishing will enhance the car's longevity by buffing out swirl marks, scratches, corrosion, and oxidation. 

  • After Car polishing, you will leave your vehicle with a beautiful, natural shine.


Car Wax Benefits

  • Car Waxing will leave your vehicle with a glossy effect.

  • It will add a protective layer on the top of the paint, protecting the surface against minor abrasions such as swirl marks, scratches, corrosion, and oxidation. 

  • Wax for the car will prevent the damaging effects of sun rays, which will cause the paint to discolor. 

  • Waxing will create a hydrophobic layer of protection on the car's surface, repelling water and leading to fewer watermarks.

  • Car Wax will enable you to clean the car surface easily.

  • Car Waxing will preserve the resale value by maintaining the painted surface.

Car Waxing Vs. Polishing -  Which one to perform first?

You use car polish and wax for different purposes. First, polish the car, and then apply wax to it. You use polish to smooth out small scratches and marks on the car, although it doesn't prevent them from occurring. On the other hand, wax cannot repair scratches or marks. However, applying wax to a car after polishing it will keep the car shiny for a longer time and protect the paint from weather and dirt.


Car Polish vs Car Wax - Difference 

If you want to lock the shine of your painted surface even after months of usage, it is essential to understand the difference between car polish vs wax. Below is a brief guide explaining their differences in simple language:

1. Objective

Car Polish: The main objective of car polishing is to fix minor abrasions like scratches and dullness from the clear coat.
Car Wax: The main objective of car waxing is to create a protective layer that shields the surface from the sun's UV rays, dirt, and water.


2. When to Use

Polish: Ideal for occasional use, specifically when you notice the paint looks faded or scratched.
Wax: These protective coatings should be applied more frequently to maintain protection and gloss.


3. Functionality

Polish: It will remove the blemishes from the painted surface and smoothen the car's paint by removing imperfections.
Wax: Car wax provides paint protection on top of the car's paint by improving water repellency and adding shine.


4. Results

Polish: After polishing, your vehicle will have a minimized effect of visible scratches and marks and will leave a smoother painted surface. 
Wax: Car wax gives your car a glossy finish and will help you keep the surface cleaner for longer periods.

5. Maintenance Frequency
Polish: This is not required regularly. It is needed, based on the condition of the car’s paint.
Wax: Regular application of car wax is recommended for about every three to four months, to ensure the surface remains protected and shiny.


To sum up, we hope that you are now clear on the differences between Car Polish and Car Wax and that you are well-informed about how and when to use them. Importantly, the primary function of polishing and waxing is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. You can use polish and wax as needed on your car, but it is advisable to use both together every few months to achieve the best results. Furthermore, for optimal outcomes, it would be best to hire a professional car detailing studio for the polishing work and use a high-quality car wax. This approach ensures your vehicle not only looks its best but is also protected from various elements.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)


Is it better to polish or wax a car?

Both car polishing and car waxing serve the same purpose of maintaining a vehicle’s shine but in a different way. In car polishing, a thin layer of vehicle paint is exfoliated to remove oxidation, swirl marks, watermarks, etc. On the other hand, car wax will add a protective layer to protect the paint against UV rays, acid rain, dust, and other contaminants.

Is it necessary to polish a car before waxing?

After waxing, you can polish your vehicle to get a flawless, shiny finish. Polishing will remove all the minor imperfections caused by minor scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. Polishing will also remove the remaining dirt and contaminants, giving you the best benefits of waxing your car.

Can I wax my car without polishing?

Yes, you can apply car wax without polishing, but you should polish your car first to get the maximum benefits of car wax. Polishing will help you to smoothen the surface before waxing. Polishing can reduce the visible effects of swirl marks and scratches, but waxing alone will not mitigate these imperfections.

How long does car wax last?

Car wax usually lasts for 2 to 3 months after applying. The durability of car wax depends significantly on the product's quality and the application method. Also, how frequently you wash your car will impact its longevity. 

How long does car polish last?

The effect of car polishing depends on the wax used on the painted surface to seal the work. Also, the durability of car polish will also depend on environmental conditions, and how the vehicle is maintained.

Does polishing remove scratches?

Yes polishing will remove all the minor scratches and blemishes from the surface. Polishing will not remove the entire impact of scratch, it will just reduce the effect of damage. 


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