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How to clean car exterior Paint?[Detailed Guide]

admin - February 09, 2024 - 0 Comments
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Cleaning your car's paintwork is not just about making it shiny; it's also about preserving its value and durability. Often, people get confused with "How to Clean Car Exterior." What's the proper procedure for cleaning? In this blog, we are going to guide you about everything you need to know about cleaning. 

These steps are straightforward to follow. From choosing the correct equipment to mastering the art of washing, we've got you covered. At the end of this blog, we will also tell you to have your paint protection options, which will reduce the need to clean the car.


Importance of Car exterior cleaning

Once you are aware of why Car exterior cleaning is essential, you will never leave your car in dirt or untidy. Mentioned below are some reasons why car exterior cleaning is important:

Enhances vehicle's Paint:

You should never ignore the importance of regular car wash to prolong your vehicle's paint lifespan. As some parts of India receive acid rain, few zones are prone to salty atmospheres due to nearby seas. These factors can lead to corrosion or discoloration of the vehicle's paint. It would be best if you got your car's exterior decontaminated frequently by washing.

Controls Damage:

As your skin needs regular cleaning to improve your health and avoid skin problems, it is essential to wash your car as well. Dirt, dust, and minerals can damage the painted surface. Dirt and other impurities can lead to minor scratches and swirl marks. You are advised to get your car washed or detailed regularly to prevent these damages. 

Stems Allergies:

Just like exterior car wash is essential, interior washing is equally important. Your vehicle might collect food and drink residue, which might put your passengers at risk of allergies. Interior carpets and upholstery is cleaned with the help of steam cleaner or soap and water on a soft cloth.

Preserves Resale Price:

Maintaining your car's interior and exterior well preserves its resale value. A well-cared-for car appeals to everyone, while neglect can significantly reduce its resale worth. You can increase the resale value of your car by keeping it sparkling clean. If you sell the car in good condition, you can get a higher price than if it is poorly maintained.


Feel more Relaxed:

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of a neat house? Similarly, a tidy car can bring you peace. It's fascinating how a spotless vehicle can boost your mood and simplify your thoughts. A clean car provides a refreshing sensation, which is quite pleasing.


How to Clean Car Exterior Paint?

Preserving the showroom shine of your vehicle is very important. It is essential to follow the proper car cleaning techniques for a flawless finish. Keep reading to learn "How to clean car exterior". 

To begin with, you need to gather the required tools. Using proper equipments will ensure the flawless results:

1. Tools Required for Car Cleaning

  • Car wash bucket

  • Cleaner shampoos

  • Warm water in a bucket

  • A soft sponge

  • Set of quality Microfiber Towels

2. Prepare the Surface and Clean

  • Park your car in the shade

We advise parking your car in the shade before beginning the cleaning process. Parking in the sun can cause the water and cleaning solution on the surface to dry up quickly due to heat, leading to chemical stains. Ensure you have enough time to rinse the surface thoroughly.

  • Pre-rinse the Surface

Start by giving your car a quick rinse with water to wash away any dirt that's been stuck on it for too long. This simple step will help you save plenty of time and effort down the line.

  • Get your bucket ready with water.

Make two buckets ready, one filled with regular warm water and the other filled with water and mild car wash shampoo. With the freshwater, you will rinse your washcloth and sponges. It is advisable to use mild cleaners and not to use any dishwashing detergent or hand soap as their harsh components might affect the paint. 

  • Start Scrubbing

After you have pre-washed the loose dirt and grime off the surface, start scrubbing using quality soft sponges. Cover small portions while scrubbing and in slow motions. Keep rinsing until you feel satisfied, and every part of the paintwork is clean.

  • Dry the Surface

Use high-quality microfiber towels to dry the exterior surface. You should not leave your car to air dry, and this will leave marks on the surface. You don’t want marks on the freshly washed car, especially when you have invested so much time in it. Make sure the microfiber towel is dry or damped and it should not be wet.


What's After Washing?

Now that your car is all shiny and cleaned, it will again get dirty when you take it out for a ride. There are options available that reduce the need to wash the car and also add shine and protection frequently. Ceramic coating and paint protection film act as an excellent shield blocking road chips, salt and mineral contamination, and ocean air. A ceramic-coated or PPF-installed car will also make maintenance easy. We recommend you hire a professional detailer only to get the best results. 


Final Words

Make sure you wash your car regularly, once a week, to maintain that pristine showroom shine of your car. The whole process might take a lot of time, but it is undoubtedly worth it. Cleaning your car's exterior is not just about splashing water and soap. It's an art that combines the proper techniques with a touch of patience. You can get your car washed by a professional detailer, as they have the required tools and cleaners that won't harm the paint. There are chances of swirl marks on the surface when you do it by yourself.

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