How to clean car headlights? - The Right Way

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A foggy or yellow headlight will not only decrease your car's look but will also put you and other drivers in danger. To ensure your headlight provides maximum visibility while driving, you need to follow the proper method of cleaning car headlights. In this blog, we will discuss how to clean car headlights like an expert. The steps mentioned are simple, and even a beginner can follow them. We will provide detailed information on what causes the headlight damage and how we can preserve it for the long term.


Importance of Car Headlights

The majority of people neglect the importance of Car Headlight Cleaning. It should attract the attention of every car owner because of the following reasons:

1. Increases the driver's visibility

A good and well-maintained headlight benefits the drivers by improving visibility, especially in the low-light situation. Proper lighting on the road ahead helps drivers see the potential hazards and obstacles. 

2. Prevents Accidents

Driving in low visibility and darkness makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians or other obstacles, which causes major accidents. A proper headlight can increase visibility level and reduce the chances of accidents. 

3. Gives Indication to Other Vehicles

Imagine a dark, foggy road with low visibility, and your headlights are not working correctly. Without proper lighting from headlights, other vehicles might crash with yours as they are not indicated.  


4. Preserves Resale Value

It is important to maintain your vehicle's headlights in order to maximize its resale value. This is because well-maintained headlights indicate proper care and maintenance.

What Makes Headlights Foggy?


Road Waste:

Driving on a damaged road makes your car's headlight prone to stone, road salt, and other debris. These elements cause pits and scratches and create a foggy build inside. 

Water Droplets:

When your headlights have small pits, moisture or water vapor can accumulate, causing the lens to appear foggy.


With time, the headlight gets exposed to damaging UV rays that cause the plastic lens covering the headlights to oxidize, leading to a cloudy or foggy appearance.

Heat Damage:
High temperatures, specially generated by the headlight bulbs, can cause the plastic lens to degrade and become foggy.


Environmental Factors:

When your headlight is exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and road salt, it will make the headlight fogging.


How to Clean Headlights (DIY)

If you want the simplest answer to "How to clean foggy headlights", keep reading the step-by-step:

Step 1. Clean The Exterior Surface 

This is the very first step of Car Headlight Cleaning. You need to clean the surface before starting the process. Wash the area with mild soap or cleaners, wash the mitt, and rinse with clean water. Using a microfiber towel, dry the surface. 


Step 2. Use Headlight Restorer

Spread a decent amount of headlight clean, including products from your headlight restoration kit, toothpaste, or baking soda. It would be best if you coated headlight lenses with a thick layer. Leave the cleanser for a few minutes to dry a little bit. 


Step 3. Wash the Cleaner  

Slowly and with firm hands, rub the headlights' surface in small circular motions. You should be careful not to gouge your plastic with your cleanser, which is abrasive. The yellowness or fogginess inside the headlight will disappear from the lens.


Step 4.  Rinse the Surface

Get rid of any remaining cleanser from your lens. Remember, extreme damage to the surface may not be removed; it needs to be replaced.


Step 5. Lock Shine With Coating

It would be best, if you get the freshly cleaned headlight sealed with the protective coating. It will prevent and protect the headlights from future damage.


Other DIY Methods for Car Headlight Cleaning 

Rub Alcohol:
You can rub alcohol on the surface to remove grime and dirt from the headlights. After applying, you can scrub the area gently and wipe that off with the water.


Use Sandpaper:

If your headlight is yellowed, use sandpaper to remove the oxidation. Make sure you sand the surface gently and protect it with a sealant. 

Car Wax:

Use a soft cloth or sponge to rub a small amount of car wax into the headlights. Remove any excess wax by buffing the headlights with a clean cloth after the wax has dried. 


Aftercare and Maintenance

You can follow below mentioned methods to maintain the headlight's clarity:

Clean Regularly:

Do not let the dirt or other debris collect on the headlight's exterior. They can damage the headlight in the long run. It's better to get it cleaned regularly. 


Get it Ceramic Coated:

Yes, you read that right! Ceramic coatings are excellent in blocking UV rays and are highly hydrophobic; they will stop oxidation and preserve the headlight.


Shield with Headlight Protection Film:

These films not only prevent UV damage and oxidation but also self-heal minor scratches and absorb minor impacts.


Park in a Covered Spot:

Park your car in a covered garage or area to shield the headlights from direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other weather elements.


Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals:

When you are washing the surface, do not use any regular shampoos, as they have harsh chemicals that can damage the lens.



Car Cleaning headlights are essential to ensure maximum visibility while driving. The steps we have mentioned to clean your headlight are simple and easy to perform. After cleaning, the results will amaze you. You can say goodbye to dull, dim light beams. If your headlight is highly damaged and you are willing to pay, you can hire a professional detailer and take car detailing services, as they have the proper tools and techniques to restore the lens.

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