How to protect car from scratches?[10 Essential Tips]

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Cars serve a greater purpose than just transportation. A dull and scratched car will always negatively impact people and eventually downgrade your image. Maintaining the showroom finish of your vehicle is almost impossible without taking proper care. It is very paramount to follow the preventive measures. If you take your car to the street, you will be shadowed with the fear of it getting scratched. But why fear when we are here to help you? We will guide you in finding the best solution to the question, "How to protect car from scratches". Also, if your vehicle is already scratched, we will tell you the correct way to fix that at the end of this blog.


How to Protect Car Paint From Scratches [10 Tips]


1. Wash Your Car Regularly

When you don't regularly wash your car, it will accumulate dirt and debris, leading to scratches and swirl marks. The best way to clean your vehicle is by following the two-bucket method. In this method, you fill one bucket with a cleaning solution and the other with normal water for rinsing. A cleaning solution will catch the dirt; when you use another bucket with clean water for rinsing, the dirt will not be transferred back onto the car. 


2. Use Proper Drying Technique

Most People neglect this part and avoid following the right drying technique. People assume that their cars will dry naturally. This is the most damaging part of the process. You should always dry the car's surface with clean microfiber towels to prevent water spots. Also, it would be best if you pat dry rather than dragging the microfiber towel over the paint.


3. Avoid Automatic Car Wash 

It is recommended to avoid automatic car wash to prevent scratches. They use abrasive brushes and harsh chemicals that can cause fine scratches and swirl marks during this process. Additionally, the harsh chemicals and detergents used in automatic washes can strip protective waxes or sealants from the paint, reducing its protection against the elements. Instead, opt for hand-washing techniques. 


4. Choose Parking Spot Wisely

In India, most people lose their calm when they see crowded streets and parking spaces. 

Parking your car sometimes becomes extremely frustrating. If you are not careful enough, you will end up scratching your car or with a broken tail light, headlight, or side mirror. To avoid this, it is advisable to choose your parking spot wisely. You should avoid driving in narrow streets if you don't have a proper driving experience. 


5. Use Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating enhances the car's shine and gloss and creates a semi-permanent layer of protection. Once you ceramic coat your vehicle's surface, it will shield the surface from minor scratches and swirl marks. It is important to note that it is not entirely scratch-proof but will create a protective layer that will prevent scratches to some extent. Some coatings give protection for up to 7 years. Ceramic coating also creates a hydrophobic layer on the vehicle's surface, making cleaning and maintenance easy.


6. Use a Car Cover


Even if you are parking your car in a garage, shielding it using a car cover is advisable. Also, when you park your vehicle openly, bird droppings may contaminate it, or a lot of dust and dirt may settle on the surface. This will affect the paint, leading to scratches. Using a car cover is the simplest thing. The sooner you implement this habit, the happier you will be in the long run. 


7. Shield with Paint Protection Film

Car paint protection film acts as an additional layer of clear coat. Installing the PPF protects the paint beneath from minor scratches, swirl marks, and other elements that can hamper your vehicle's appearance. Additionally, it preserves the car's resale value, prevents color fading due to oxidation, and simplifies maintenance. This protection will last for the next 5 to 10 years.


8. Keep an eye on your surroundings

To protect car from scratches you should always be aware of your surroundings while driving or parking. Keeping an eye on the surroundings can go a long way in averting car scratches and abrasions. You might encounter various trees, bushes, or similar elements in your driveway, which can cause minor to major scratches. Be sure to leave enough clearance around these natural obstacles.


9. Protect with Spray-on-PPF

Everyone in India does not commonly spray on PPF; only highly experienced and reputed detailers provide this service. It is applied on the vehicle's surface via a spray gun. Once it's settled and cured, it will create a protective layer of up to 300 microns thickness. It provides better protection than a PPF, as a good quality Paint Protection Film gives you up to 200 microns of protection. The results will be excellent and will give you an extremely durable coating. 


10. Inspect Exterior Regularly

Ensure you inspect the vehicle's exterior regularly. When you spot a minor scratch, rust, or other paint damage, get it fixed by your nearest detailer. If you leave the paint damage untreated for a longer period, it may lead to some serious problems. 


How to Fix Car Scratches

There are numerous ways to fix car scratches, but for the best results, we recommend that you hire a reputable detailer to fix them. With the correct tools and techniques, they make sure you get the best results. For deeper scratches, a professional detailer will use the compounding method, which smooths out the area around the scratch, helping to blend it into the surrounding paintwork. After the compounding, the surface will be sealed with a wax or sealant. Maintaining your car in a scratch-free condition is not just a matter of self-love; it's about ensuring it remains healthy, happy, and looking its best for the long run.



It will cost you a fortune just to treat scratches from the car's exterior surface. A well-maintained and good-looking vehicle will benefit from high resale value. If you follow these tips, your vehicle will be less exposed to getting scratched. Maintaining your car for years will be easier if you keep these strategies in mind. All these tips mentioned on “how to protect paint from scratches” are from the expert team of The Detailing Mafia, which has 38 years of experience in the Auto Detailing Industry. Leave us a comment with what works best for you.


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