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Whether you have rolled a brand new car out of the showroom or you own an old car, you must ensure that the exterior shine is well preserved even after using the vehicle for years. When you're driving, you'll encounter rocks, trash, and other debris that can scratch your car's paint. Fixing these scratches can cost a lot of money, you need to get a solution before actually facing the problem. You can protect your car with Paint Protection Film, or PPF. It's like a clear shield for your car's paint, which guards your vehicle’s exterior paint against scratches, sunlight, chemicals, and dirt. In this blog, we will explain how to use PPF Installation Tools so that you can make sure the PPF is installed perfectly. 


Essential PPF Installation Equipment

Before you start installing PPF, make sure you have all the required PPF Installation Tools. Below mentioned are some equipment that must be equipped with every PPF installer:

1. Clay Bar

This is the most underrated and neglected paint protection film tool while installing paint protection films. Even after cleaning the car's surface, some mineral contaminants that are not visible to our naked eyes remain on the surface. The clay bar picks up all the stubborn dirt particles and contaminants and will ensure a smooth surface before you install PPF. 

2. Slip Solution

It consists of mild soap and water, which are applied to the surface right before the film is placed on it. The main purpose of the slip solution is to lubricate the surface. Before the film gets installed, it will allow the easy positioning and alignment of the film. This will ensure that the film is installed without any errors. 

3. Spray Bottle 

They are also known as pressure sprayers, and they are used to distribute the slip solution evenly on the painted surface. You will find sprayers in various sizes and quality. We recommend that you invest only in good-quality sprayers, as they will make your work easier and will eliminate the need for frequent replacements. 

4. Microfiber Towels

By choosing high-quality and high-absorbent microfiber towels, you can ensure a smooth and paint-protected surface. They will absorb all the remaining moisture from the surface and will trap some of the remaining dirt particles. 

5. Squeegee

This equipment smooths the PPF and eliminates the air bubbles and slip solution trapped between the film and the painted surface. During the installation process, the squeegee firmly presses the PPF so that the film sticks to the surface. 

6. Knife or Blade

While installing the PPF film, they are used to trim off all the excess film so that all the curves and edges of the vehicle's painted surface are shielded. This tool is used to ensure that the film is cut without harming the vehicle's surface and gives precise cutting. Proper cutting of PPF film will provide a flawless finish. 

7. Masking Tape

These tapes are made up of adhesive-backed paper, which can be easily removed without leaving any residue on the painted surface. They are used to protect delicate areas on the edges. Masking tape ensures that no part is affected by the compounding process. 

8. Heat Gun

They are the most crucial among all the paint protection film installation tools. They are used to soften the film for shaping around curves and edges, which will ensure that all the wrinkles or imperfections are removed in the process. 


Guide to Installing Film Using PPF Tools

Step 1: Getting Your Car Ready

First, you need to clean your car well. This means washing it with special car cleaning products, soft cloths, mitts, and sponges. Make sure both the outside and inside are clean, especially if your car is pretty dirty. After washing, use a clay bar gently on all parts where you’ll put the film. Dry the surface using high-quality microfiber towels so that every part where you're going to apply the film is dry and dirt-free. Protect the parts on the edges of the vehicle with masking tape before rubbing and polishing. 

Step 2: Putting On the Film

It’s best to have small panels at a time, starting in the middle and working your way out. This lets you be more precise. It might take a while, so don’t be impatient. On a clean surface, spread the slip solution with the help of sprayers. Use a squeegee to press the film onto the car. This helps avoid air bubbles and makes sure the film sticks properly. Before you start, check again for any dust or dirt that might get trapped under the film.

Step 3: Prepping the Surface with Solution

Before you put the film on, you need to use a special solution called a slip solution. This makes it easier to handle the film and stops dirt from sticking to the sticky side. A soap solution works well too because it keeps dirt off, which is great for keeping your film looking good for a long time. When you use the slip solution, just put on a light layer over where the film will go. Don’t use too much, or it might mess up how well the film sticks.

Step 4: Cutting and Applying the Film

You can put the film on in two ways: wet or dry. The wet way means you spray adhesive on the car first, which is good for tricky spots because it makes everything smooth. But it takes patience to cut and apply each piece. The dry way means you stick the film directly on the car, which is quicker for big areas but might leave bubbles or wrinkles if you’re not careful. Choose the method that works best for you, and then start applying the film bit by bit. Press down gently with a cloth or squeegee to make sure it sticks.

Step 5: Making Sure It's Done Right
It’s important to make sure the film is installed without any errors. This means you should check if the size, cutting, and installation of the film are done properly. Remove all the air bubbles and smoothen out the surface.


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