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Pearl pigments are coated metallic platelets which provide both colour and exciting visual effects to various kinds of coatings. They are very fine organic and inorganic pigments and can be used in any sort of medium. They can be used as dry as long as they are glazed or cleared over. Pearl pigments are non-toxic in nature. since they are not composed of any metal elements, they do not rust or tarnish. They are semitransparent and the use of different color pigments make it possible to achieve individual colours effectively. The use of these pigments gives a stunning outlook and its appearance depends on viewing it from different angles to actually see the magic it creates.

Its application in paints can be utilised as water-based, solvent-based paint and powder coatings. One of the striking features of these pigments is that they do not singe or migrate, hence they can be used in the finishing process of all kinds of materials.

At our studio, The Detailing Mafia these pearl pigments are chief players in giving the vehicle a look which is worth admiring. Their shining and sparkling texture takes the car to the next level of detailing. They encompass a luster pigment and because of their smooth surface they reflect light. The light reflected creates a sense of depth and a luster which varies with particle size, smaller particles transmit a satin sheen and the larger particles create a glitter effect.

Pearl pigments are widely used in the automotive industry situs slot gacor hanya di edcslot as an alternative to metallics. These pigments, when applied to the vehicle’s paint body, create an unlimited variety of colours. They are also used in OEM, as they present an endless range of colours.

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