Top 20 Best Car Detailing Franchises in India

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Car detailing is a specialized service aimed at comprehensively cleaning, restoring, and protecting vehicles. It involves meticulous cleaning and restoration of both the car's exterior and interior, along with the application of protective coatings to maintain its appearance for an extended period.

What is a Car Detailing Franchise?
For car owners who value the upkeep of their vehicles, car detailing is essential. Regular car washing and maintenance only scratches the surface, and as time passes, accumulated dirt, grime, and contaminants can cause the car to lose its shine and appear dull. Car detailing services, on the other hand, offer a deeper level of cleaning, restoration, and protection, ensuring the car maintains a "like new" appearance for a longer time.

The demand for car detailing services in India has grown in tandem with the increasing number of cars on the roads. Car owners are now seeking ways to keep their vehicles in excellent condition, making car detailing an integral part of their maintenance routine.

This surge in demand has led to the expansion of the car detailing industry in India, with various car detailing franchises emerging across the country. These franchises offer a diverse range of services to cater to car owners' needs. For aspiring entrepreneurs, owning a
car detailing franchise presents an opportunity to enter a thriving industry and capitalize on an established brand's success, benefiting from a proven business model and receiving support from the franchisor.

Advantages of becoming a car detailing franchise owner

1.) Established Business Model: Franchise owners benefit from investing in a business model that has already proven its success. The franchisor has developed a comprehensive system for running the business, including marketing strategies, training programs, and operating procedures.

2.) Brand Recognition: Franchise owners enjoy the advantage of leveraging the brand recognition already built by the franchisor. In a competitive
Car detailing industry, customers are more likely to choose a familiar and trusted brand.

3.) Marketing and Advertising Support: Franchisors typically provide marketing and advertising materials to promote the business. These can include social media content, flyers, and even TV and radio commercials.

4.) Training and Support: Franchise owners receive comprehensive training on operating the business, covering everything from detailing techniques to customer service skills. The franchisor continues to offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the business journey.

5.) Access to Products and Supplies: Franchise owners usually have access to discounted products and supplies from the franchisor's suppliers, saving costs and ensuring the use of high-quality products for customers.

6.) Potential for Growth: Franchise owners have the potential to expand their business by opening additional locations. The franchisor provides the necessary support and resources to capitalize on new opportunities and grow the business.

Becoming a
car detailing franchise owner offers a range of benefits, enabling entrepreneurs to establish a successful and profitable business while minimizing risks and increasing their chances of success.

Best 20 Car Detailing Franchise to Own in India in 2023

The Detailing Mafia Franchise Info: 

The Detailing Mafia is a well-known car detailing franchise that has established itself as a premium service provider in several cities across India. With a focus on quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, The Detailing Mafia has earned a reputation as one of the best car detailing service providers in the country.

At The Detailing Mafia, customers can choose from a wide range of services that cater to their specific needs. From basic car washes to comprehensive detailing packages, the franchise offers a variety of services that are designed to leave every vehicle looking clean, shiny, and brand new. Their services include paint protection film installation, ceramic coating, window tinting, glass film installation, AC deodorization, exterior washing, polishing, waxing, and interior cleaning, along with engine detailing, paint protection, and scratch removal.

Founded in: 2017
Franchising since: 2019

Franchise units: As of 2023, The Detailing Mafia has over 150+ franchise units across India.

Benefits of The Detailing Mafia Detailing Franchise:

a.) Reasonable Start-up Costs: Owning The Detailing Mafia franchise typically entails a lower initial investment compared to many other businesses. The established franchise system comes with a proven business model, including branding, marketing, and operations, reducing the risk associated with starting a new venture from scratch.

b) Proven Business Model: A tried and tested business model allows franchisees to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the system, ensuring a quicker and smoother start-up process. Ongoing support and training from the franchisor also aid in maintaining competitiveness in the market.

c.) Strong Brand Recognition: Franchises of The Detailing Mafia enjoy strong brand recognition, which helps them attract customers and build trust. This advantage is particularly beneficial when launching a new enterprise in a competitive market, giving franchisees a head start in building a loyal customer base.

d.) Access to Resources: Franchisees have access to various resources that facilitate more efficient and effective business operations. These resources may include marketing materials, technology tools, and comprehensive training programs, helping franchisees save time and improve their bottom line.

e.) Support Network: Owning a franchise means becoming part of a larger network of business owners, providing valuable support and advice, especially for those new to business ownership. Franchisees also benefit from ongoing support from the franchisor, including regular meetings, conferences, and training sessions.

f.) Multiple Revenue Streams: The Detailing Mafia franchise can offer multiple revenue streams, enhancing the overall profitability of the business. In addition to car washing and detailing services, franchisees may have the opportunity to offer additional automotive services such as oil changes and tire rotations, attracting a broader customer base and increasing revenue potential.

2. Exppress car wash
Express Car Wash offers an array of services, including car washing, detailing, and protection, all delivered with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The franchise caters to customers with different needs and budgets by providing various packages, from basic exterior washes to comprehensive detailing services.
Founded in: 1987
Franchising since: 2010

Franchise units: As of 2022, 50+ franchise units across India.

3. Onyxaa 
Onyxaa provides an extensive array of services, encompassing car detailing, paint protection, and ceramic coating. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their use of only the finest quality products and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that each job is executed to perfection. With a team of highly skilled and trained experts proficient in the latest techniques and technologies, Onyxaa consistently delivers the utmost level of service, ensuring that its clients always receive the best possible care.
Founded in: 2016
Franchising since: 2020
Franchise units: As of 2022, less than 10 franchise units in India.

4. Ola Car Wash
The Ola Car Wash franchise stands out with its highly flexible business model. Franchise owners have the freedom to select from a diverse range of services, including mobile car detailing, washing, and interior cleaning. This enables them to tailor their offerings to suit the specific needs of their customers and target market effectively.

Entrepreneurs seeking a profitable venture in the car washing and detailing industry will find an ideal opportunity with the O4la Car Wash franchise. With comprehensive support, a wide range of services, and low investment costs, franchise owners can build a successful business while catering to their customers' unique requirements.
Founded in: 2016
Franchising since: 2016

Franchise units: As of 2022, 20+ Franchise units in India.

5. Geowash
Geowash, a renowned international car wash franchise, has recently ventured into the Indian market. The franchise offers an extensive selection of car wash services, including waterless car washing, detailing, and polishing, to cater to diverse customer demands effectively.
Founded in: 2008
Franchising since: 2009

Franchise units: As of 2022, 200 franchise units across 35 countries worldwide.

6. Bosch Car Service
An attractive aspect of owning a Bosch Car Service franchise is the exceptional training and support provided to franchisees. The franchise offers comprehensive training covering all aspects of car maintenance and repair, incorporating the latest diagnostic tools and techniques. This ensures that all franchisees are equipped to deliver top-quality service to their valued customers.
Founded in: 1897
Franchising since: 1921

7. DC Car Studio
At DC Car Studio, attention to detail and the use of premium products are paramount, ensuring that every car receives the best possible care. Franchise owners can leverage the company's reputation for excellence to cultivate a loyal customer base and attract new patrons through positive word of mouth.
Founded in: 2010
Franchising since: 2010

Franchise units: As of 2022, 65+ franchise units in India


Speed Car Wash has emerged as a leading car wash franchise in India, gaining significant traction in the industry over recent years. Boasting over 200 locations nationwide, the franchise has become a popular choice among car owners seeking the highest standards of cleaning and maintenance for their vehicles.

8. Speed Car Wash
A game-changer in the Indian car wash industry, Speed Car Wash prioritizes technology in its operations. Heavy investments in cutting-edge equipment and systems streamline their processes and enhance efficiency. Water recycling systems conserve water usage, while automated car wash machines ensure a thorough and consistent cleaning process.
Founded in: 2009
Franchising since: 2011

Franchise units: As of 2022, 200 franchise units across India.

9. AutozSpa 
AutozSpa holds its position as a premier car care franchise in India, renowned for providing top-notch car detailing services across the nation. Operating in over 40 locations, the franchise has built a reputation for delivering exceptional exterior and interior cleaning, detailing, and paint protection services.

Designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the car care industry, AutozSpa's franchise model facilitates success. If you seek a premium car care service provider that consistently delivers outstanding results, AutozSpa is the ideal choice.
Founded in: 2006
Franchising since: 2010

Franchise units: As of 2022, 40+ Franchise units across the country

10. Detailing Daddy
Detailing Daddy stands out as a unique automobile franchise business chain, offering exclusive car spa and detailing services. With ambitious plans to expand its presence across India, Detailing Daddy aims to revolutionize the car care industry through its top-notch services and exceptional customer experience.

Franchise units: As of 2022, 50+ franchise units in India

11. GrandPrix Car Spa
GrandPrix Car Spa, a renowned car detailing franchise, has established a strong presence in multiple locations across India. With over 5 locations, the franchise has solidified its position as a premium provider of car detailing services. From ceramic coating to paint protection, the company offers an array of options for car owners to maintain their vehicles' pristine appearance.
Franchise units: As of 2022, GrandPrix Car Spa has 5+ franchise units in India

12. 3M Car Care
Recognized for its exceptional services and widespread presence, 3M Car Care holds a prominent position in the Indian car care franchise landscape. Operating across 100+ locations in the country, the company is celebrated for its top-notch exterior and interior cleaning, detailing, and paint protection services, consistently providing high-quality offerings and exceptional customer support.
Founded in: 2009
Franchising since: 2010
Franchise units: There are over 100 Franchise units across the country

13. CarzSpa
CarzSpa, a leading franchise in India, specializes in delivering premium car care services to car owners. With a strong presence in over 50 locations nationwide, CarzSpa has earned the trust and reliability of customers in the car care industry.

Setting itself apart from competitors, CarzSpa's key differentiator lies in its comprehensive range of car care services. The company offers various options, including exterior and interior cleaning, detailing, and paint protection, all tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring that their cars receive the utmost care.
Founded in: 2009
Franchising since: 2009

Franchise units: As of 2022, 50+ franchise units in India.

14. Ceramic Pro
Ceramic Pro has become a popular franchise specializing in ceramic coatings for cars, offering a protective layer for the car's paint, maintaining its pristine appearance for years. The franchise's success stems from the rising demand for car detailing and protection services in recent times.

15. CarXpert 
CarXpert is an emerging and increasingly popular brand known for its reliable and cost-effective car detailing services. Owning a CarXpert franchise is a wise investment for aspiring entrepreneurs in the car service industry. With its proven business model, low investment requirements, marketing support, training, brand recognition, and profitability, a CarXpert franchise presents a unique opportunity for a successful business venture.

16. Carclenx 
For those seeking a lucrative opportunity in the car detailing and washing industry, the Carclenx Car Detailing Franchise presents an excellent choice. Carclenx (or Pexa) operates through a mobile app, providing on-demand car detailing and washing services for customers, offering convenience and hassle-free experiences. Entrepreneurs seeking success will find Carclenx to be a perfect fit.

17. Glossy Clean 
Glossy Clean, a leading car detailing franchise, has been providing exceptional services to car owners for several years. With over 10 locations across the country, Glossy Clean has built a strong reputation for high-quality foam washing, car waxing, and vacuuming services. The franchise is dedicated to delivering top-notch services and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Franchise units: As of 2022, 10+ franchise units in India.

18. Carnation Auto
Carnation Auto offers a comprehensive range of services, from car washing to detailing and maintenance, catering to the diverse needs of car owners. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques, the company's experienced professionals ensure that each car looks as good as new.
Founded in: 2008
Franchising since: 2011

Franchise units: 60+ Franchise units across the country.

19. 21st Century Car Care
21st Century Car Care is a reliable and trusted car care franchise in India, providing top-quality services to car owners nationwide. With a proven business model, marketing support, and operational expertise, owning a 21st Century Car Care franchise presents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs venturing into the car care industry in India.

20. Detailing Street
Detailing Street sets itself apart with a distinct focus on providing franchisees with comprehensive training programs. The company's training initiatives encompass every essential aspect of running a successful car detailing business, including customer service, marketing, operational efficiency, and employee management. This commitment ensures that franchisees are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive car detailing industry.

Common Questions about Car Detailing Franchise in India

1. What is Car Detailing?
Car Detailing is particularly related to cleaning and preserving the original appearance of a car. It is much more than a car wash, it is more elaborate and labor-intensive in nature. Car detailing restores the shine of a vehicle and adds a layer of protection to its paint body.

2. Why should I use The Detailing Mafia Services?
The Detailing Mafia offers the best-in-class Car Cleaning and Car Detailing services. We have mastered the art of Car Detailing in every field. Give your car the best treatment with the Mafia’s car cleaning and Detailing service.

3. What types of vehicles do you detail?
At The Detailing Mafia, we detail all kinds of vehicles including Cars (small, sedan, SUV, MUV, Luxury, High-End Luxury) and all types of Bikes (Cruiser, Sport, Touring, Standard, Dual-Purpose, Dirt Bike).

4. How often should I detail my car?
Car Detailing can be done once a year, but its maintenance should be every 2 months, for better durability and shine of the car’s paint body.

5. Is detailing your car worth it?
Car Detailing is absolutely worthy, as it enhances the shine and provides better protection to its paint body. With car detailing you don't have to wash your car on a regular basis. It saves both time and effort.

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