Why PPF is the Best Car Paint Protection in India?

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If ever in your life you have searched for a Paint Protection Film near me, you have done a great job. The PPF for automobiles is a critical investment for car owners who like their vehicles to be in top-notch condition. Guarding the car’s exterior against harm from gravel, road debris, and environmental hazards can help mitigate scratches, chips and other damage that can be costly to restore.

With the car PPF installed, if there’s a scratch or other petty damage to your vehicle, you won’t have to replace or restore the entire car part or get it repainted. An experienced detailer will efficiently remove the existing PPF coating for car from the damaged part and reapply a new film over it. However, if the damage is notable, PPF won’t be able to protect the paint.

Features of the Car Paint Protection Film

a.) Self-healing: Scratches and scuffs can gather in the Car Paint Protection Film. However, the film has self-healing powers as it contains Urethane, a thermoplastic polymer that can soften and become pliable when applied to heat. These minor abrasions vanish, and the PPF can return to normal after being cleaned with hot air treatment or warm water.

b.) Stain Resistance and Discoloration: The PPF shields the vehicle's exterior paint from discoloration and stains. The paint job will remain clear under the harshest conditions.

c.) Highly Durable: At The Detailing Mafia, you not only get the Best PPF Service In India but you also receive PPF for cars that can last up to 10 years or even a lifetime, ensuring the car's paint looks brand new. When reselling the vehicle, the value will be pretty much the same. 

d.) Do not Turn Yellow: The PPF will not turn yellow from UV exposure. While it may seem like a standard plastic sheet, the PPF does not discolor or turn yellow over time.

e.) Damage Defense: The primary element of installing a PPF on a car is that it shields your car's body paint from minor scrapes and preserves the color in its best condition.

f.) Easy to Maintain: Preserving the PPF does not require complicated techniques. You can wash it with normal water and car wash soap solutions.

Types of harms Paint Protection Film can control

Mentioned below are some of the damages PPF can avert in a car. You have made the right decision if you are planning to invest to protect your vehicle at the best PPF coating price for car.

  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Scuffs
  • Abrasions
  • Bird droppings
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Insect stains
  • Mineral deposits
  • Water swirl marks
  • Other environmental hazards

Benefits of the Paint Protection Film (PPF)

a.) Produces enhanced finish

PPF installation on your car's exterior surface improves the existing paint's look. It instantly makes a bright and customized exterior look and allure.

b.) Excellent protection against corrosion

The healing abilities of the PPF deliver a layer of material that blocks harmful pollutants or chemicals from infiltrating. It also protects against persistent stains and decreases paint damage from stone chips.

c.)  Instant recovery of petty scratches

Since the PPF has self-healing abilities, a professional car detailer can fix minor scratches by applying heat to the PPF using a heat gun.

d.) High-temperature resistance

The PPF can withstand the harmful effects of UV rays. It can resist high temperatures, protecting the paint from fading sooner.

e.) Ease of repairability

Applying heat to the film can quickly restore minor abrasions or scratches. As PPF has self-healing properties, these minor scratches can be repaired without much action or expense.

f.) Maintains the resale value

As the PPF can protect the paint from scratches and minor abrasions, the color stays new, holding the high resale value of your car.

How does a Paint Protection Film work?

A PPF protects the paint against harm from passing debris, rock, insect stains, and environmental risks. It creates a defensive layer that shields the car paint from damage and enables it to shine.

Functions of various PPF layers

PPF reaches in rolls of ready-to-use material. There are diverse layers, each having its functions. Here are the elements of different PPF layers.

a.) Top layer: It guards other layers and maintains them neatly until installation is done. When it is time for the installation, this layer is removed.

b.) Middle layer: It has an adhesive that bonds the film to the clear coat but remains stuck in the film, making it removable without damaging the paint.

c.) Urethane layer: This is the thickest part of the layer. It will flex when affected by waste or a flying stone chip, absorbing most of the effect and spreading the rest to a broader area. This means the paint remains shielded.

d.) Last layer: It features a thin clear film, which seals and protects the urethane layer from contaminants.

Types of Paint Protection Films

Below are some variety of PPF available at The Detailing Mafia

  • Gloss PPF
  • Matte PPF
  • Coloured PPF
  • Cleared mask
  • Clear bra
  • Rock chip protection
  • Clear wrap
  • Car scratch protection film

PPF Installation Process

Typically, PPF should only be installed by car detailing experts, as PPF coating prices are not low. While you can install it independently, it is time-consuming due to its complex procedure. Here is how generally the protective film is installed in a car.

a.) Car body panels are cleaned entirely, as contamination will decrease the life of the PPF. This can lead to installation errors.

b.) The panels are professionally sprayed with soapy water to help position the film on the car's exterior and secure the glue from sticking to the panels.

c.) The PPF is installed carefully on the panels, ensuring no bubbles are created. The more the car's exterior is slippery, the easier the application process is accessible.

d.) With correct film installation on the panel, the professional pushes the soapy water out, and the PPF gets sealed to the paint.

e.) Once the PPF is installed, the professional will cut the extra material, securing an excellent finish to the installation.

How to maintain a Car Paint Protection Film

Below mentioned are some tips for preserving car PPF.

a.) Use a mild soap and water solution to rinse the car’s exterior.

b.) Avoid using abrasive cleaners.

c.) Try to avoid high-pressure water to clean the car.

d.) Review the car’s exterior for any signs of damage, scratches, or chips.

e.) Get the damage, if any, repaired or replaced instantly to control further harm to the car’s paint.

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