Experience top-notch car detailing services at The Detailing Mafia in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi, where customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our dedicated team of trained professionals is committed to providing an unparalleled experience, from exceptional customer support to meticulous detailing work.

Across our studios nationwide, we adhere to the ethos that "Perfection is in the detail", ensuring that every aspect of your car's care is handled with precision and excellence. Whether you require a basic car wash or the installation of Paint Protection Film, our expert team in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi, is always ready to assist you.

Car Detailing Services in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi    

Paint Protection Film in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi 

UltrashieldX, used at The Detailing Mafia, offers cutting-edge automotive paint protection film, crafted from premium thermoplastic urethane material. This advanced PPF is meticulously applied to the surface of cars and bikes. Our paint protection film safeguards your vehicle's exterior, effectively warding off unsightly chips, scratches, and damage from various environmental hazards such as rocks, sand, and stains.  

Ceramic Coating in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi 

Ceramic coating stands as a formidable shield against chemical damage and the harmful effects of UV rays, effectively preventing paint oxidation. Often referred to as nano-coatings, these advanced formulations provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle, simultaneously enhancing its appearance with a radiant shine that surpasses ordinary standards.


Car/Bike Detailing in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi 

Professional detailing involves the meticulous process of thoroughly cleaning and rejuvenating a vehicle to return it to its pristine, factory-like condition. Unlike a simple car wash, auto-detailing services are characterized by their precision and labour-intensive nature.   


Ceramic Wash in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi 

This blend of siloxanes effectively bonds to the surface of your vehicle, delivering a trifecta of benefits: protection, flexibility for easy bending, and exceptional foaming and lubrication properties during the cleaning process. Upon application, ceramic coating seamlessly integrates with your car's paint, creating an extra hydrophobic barrier.

Steam Wash in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi 

The steam car wash method is an environmentally conscious approach that harnesses the power of steam to cleanse both the interior and exterior of your vehicle thoroughly. Renowned for its eco-friendliness, steam cleaning effectively eliminates unpleasant odours, bacteria, and germs, ensuring a hygienic and fresh environment.

Maintenance Wash in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi

"Maintenance car wash" is a frequently utilized term within the realm of vehicle detailing. Embracing regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your vehicle but also preserves its pristine appearance, ensuring that your car maintains a fresh and well-cared-for aesthetic.

Denting and Painting Services in Okhla Phase-3, New Delhi

Our denting and painting services in Okhla Phase-3, Delhi, offer top-notch care for your vehicle's exterior. Whether it's a minor scratch or a major dent, our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and advanced paint booths to restore your car's appearance to perfection. With attention to detail and quality paint products, we ensure a flawless finish that lasts. Using Glasurit paint, we deliver flawless painting services.

Window Film in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi

Window films are scientifically proven to block an impressive 97% of infrared rays, this cutting-edge technology ensures that harmful solar radiation remains outside your vehicle, offering peace of mind. With UltrashieldX glass films, clarity is paramount: our advanced films offer drivers an obvious line of sight, virtually unaffected by fogging upon installation.

Car Sanitization in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi

Car sanitization is achieved through a specialized ozone treatment method, harnessing the power of ozone (O3) gas to effectively eliminate odours, bacteria, and viruses lingering within the vehicle. As the gas permeates the car interior, it neutralizes odours while simultaneously eradicating harmful bacteria and viruses.


Revitalize your ride and experience automotive excellence with The Detailing Mafia in Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi. Book your appointment now and treat your car to unparalleled detailing services that will leave it looking and feeling brand new!





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