Experience unparalleled car detailing services at The Detailing Mafia in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the best for our customers. From expertly trained workers to exceptional customer support, we strive to exceed your expectations.

With detailing studios across India, we believe in delivering perfection with dedication and smart work. Whether you need a simple car wash or installation of Paint Protection Film, our Vikas Nagar branch is here to assist you every step of the way. Trust us for a car detailing experience like never before.


Car Detailing Services in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow


Paint Protection Film in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Discover UltrashieldX's cutting-edge automotive paint protection film in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow at The Detailing Mafia. This top-notch thermoplastic urethane film is applied to the surface of cars and bikes, whether transparent or coloured. It acts as a shield against chips, scratches, and stains, keeping your vehicle looking fresh and youthful.

Ceramic Coating in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Experience the ultimate protection for your vehicle with ceramic coating in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow. This advanced coating is incredibly resistant to chemicals and UV rays, preventing paint oxidation and keeping your car looking new for longer. Also known as nano-coatings, it not only protects your vehicle but also adds a brilliant shine to the body.

Car/Bike Detailing in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Discover the magic of professional car/bike detailing in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow. Unlike a regular car wash, detailing is a meticulous process that involves deep cleaning and restoring your vehicle to its original glory. Our expert team goes above and beyond to give your car or bike a complete makeover, leaving it looking brand new.

Car Wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Our expert team is dedicated to giving your car the royal treatment it deserves. From exterior shine to interior cleanliness, we go the extra mile to ensure every inch of your vehicle sparkles. Experience top-notch car wash services that leave your ride looking as good as new.

Ceramic Wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

In ceramic wash a special blend of siloxanes sticks to your car's surface, giving it a shield that's both tough and flexible. This mix is great for cleaning because it creates lots of suds and makes things slippery for dirt. Plus, it bonds with your car's paint and adds a water-repellent layer. 

Steam Wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

A steam car wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow is a green way to get your car sparkling clean, inside and out. By using steam, it tackles odors, bacteria, and germs without harming the environment. 

Maintenance Wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

A maintenance car wash in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow is a popular way to keep your car looking its best. While there are different methods, regular cleaning is often the top pick. It not only helps your vehicle last longer but also keeps it looking fresh and well-kept.

Window Film in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Window Film in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow blocks nearly all harmful sun rays, keeping your car safe and cool. Combining Nano-Ceramic materials with metalized coatings, it creates a strong shield that sets a new standard for window films. Plus, with UltrashieldX window films used by our team, your view won't be hindered by fogging.

Car Sanitization in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow

Car sanitization in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, is a process that uses ozone gas to get rid of bad smells, germs, and viruses in your car. When the gas spreads inside, it eliminates odors and kills bacteria and viruses, leaving your car clean and fresh.

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