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Steam has always been considered a natural disinfectant and a good cleaning agent. Not all surfaces can be cleaned with a high pressurised spray. The steam wash at The Detailing Mafia is done to clean out the engine, interiors, tyres and also the body of the car.

Even the toughest grime and dirt can be removed with the steam wash. The steam wash sanitizes and deodorizes the car from the foulest smell, germs and bacterias. The steam car wash uses a steam jet machine to wash and clean the car’s interior and exterior. Steam jets are completely safe on any car’s surface when used correctly. Moreover, steam has sanitizing and deodorizing effects. The most special feature of a steam car wash is its eco-friendliness.


  • Water usage is comparatively less
  • The desired results can be achieved without any chemical usage.
  • Natural Disinfectant.
  • Smooth Cleaning.
  • No grease residue left behind
  • Easy to remove grime and dirt.
  • Will reach tiny spaces, hard to clean places.
  • Steam cleans all surfaces
  • No damage caused to the sensitive places like plastic parts, the engine, interiors, etc.
  • Efficient cleaning.
  • No Scratches, no Swirl Marks, no Holograms.
  • Doesn’t damage the Paint of the Car.
  • Saves Water, Electricity and Time.

The steam wash can actually clean off the most stubborn mud, grease and grime off the different surfaces of the car. Steam wash done on interiors decontaminates the panels, dashboard, club compartment, seat covers, upholstery and so on. This brings in a natural shine to the interiors.

As a natural disinfectant, Bacteria, Fungus and Germs will be instantly killed by the steam car wash. Even tough stains and hard to remove odour can also be removed with the magic of steam wash.

Small Car Sedan Luxury / MUV /SUV High-End Luxury
700 750 800 1000
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